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UNDP launches Regional Report: 'Leveraging Change for Better Lives'

The Jet Newspaper: For example, UNDP support for the government of India has helped create 40 million jobs, its partnership with the Global Environment Facility (GEF) led to the production of 15,000 zero-emission electric cars in Sri Lanka, and its work with local ...


Prather Road Reopens Following Mudslide

Centralia Chronicle: A section of Prather Road in South Thurston County that was heavily damaged after a February mudslide reopened at noon Friday. On Feb. 18, a section of the road near Grunenfelder Road Southwest was closed after heavy rains caused a steep hillside to ...

Mudslide mitigation costs concern No. Salt Lake officials

Standard-Examiner: NORTH SALT LAKE — City officials are expected to outline a mitigation plan dealing with an August mudslide that crushed one home and forced evacuation of a neighborhood, and there are some initial concerns the proposal could cost the city millions of ...

Mudslide Surrounds Glendora Home During Overnight Storm

Mudslides, thunder and lightning, and hail storms were reported overnight as the fall storm moved through the region. The storm dropped much-needed rain across parts of the region Thursday night and into early Friday morning, but left at least one home ...

Mudslide strikes home in California area that saw wildfire this year

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A mudslide slammed into a house in a Southern California suburb on Friday where wildfires had left hilly terrain barren of trees and brush, prompting authorities to warn residents that more such landslides were likely in the near future. The mudslide in Glendora occurred before dawn, overtopping a retaining wall the owners of the house built in their backyard and leaving ...

Heavy Rainfall Brings Mudslides and Hail to San Gabriel Valley

KTLA: Heavy downpours were expected to cause floods and mudslides in communities south of the Colby Fire burn area, including Glendora and La Verne, the NWS warned. The area was still recovering from the nearly 2,000-acre Colby Fire that occurred in ...

Better response to disasters needed, panel on Oso told

OLYMPIA — Communities ripped asunder by the Oso mudslide are recovering, one tough day at a time. And state resources are still very much needed by families and businesses coping with the emotional and financial toll of the deadly March 22 landslide, civic leaders told a state Senate panel Thursday.

Rights group blames landowners for causing Camerons mudslide

Migrant workers' advocacy group Tenaganita placed the blame on landowners for causing the mudslide in Cameron Highlands. – Pic courtesy of Malaysia's Fire and Rescue Department, November 11, 2014.Illegal immigrants should not be blamed for ...

Cameron Highlands a tragedy long before Palanivel

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and his deputy, Muhyiddin Yassin, are taking Cameron Highlands more seriously in the wake of the mudslide tragedy and five deaths.






Global Warming





Mudslide on Highway 31 expected to cause another closure Tuesday

An early morning mudslide closed down northbound lanes of Highway 31 in Hoover from Data Drive to John Hawkins Parkway for much of the day. Both northbound lanes of traffic are expected to be open through Monday night. Tuesday, a closure is ...

Mudslide on Highway 31 expected cause another closure Tuesday

An early morning mudslide closed down northbound lanes of Highway 31 in Hoover from Data Drive to John Hawkins Parkway for much of the day. Both northbound lanes of traffic are expected to be open through Monday night. Tuesday, a closure is ...


Ismail: Camerons mudslide only affected illegal farms

The Star Online: KUALA LUMPUR: None of the farms involved in the recent flash floods and mudslide in Cameron Highlands is legal and as such, there is no reason for a lack of vegetable supplies. Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaacob ...


Mudslide panel to update Legislature on findings

HeraldNet: Gov. Jay Inslee and Snohomish County Executive John Lovick created the commission following the March mudslide in which 43 people perished. Its tasks include establishing a timeline of events and conducting a review of the emergency response ...

'Nova' episode examines causes of Oso mudslide

Benton County Fire District 1 assistant Fire Chief Jack Coats directs a crew clearing Oso mudslide debris in April. At the top of the drying mudslide in May, early morning light catches the hillside that collapsed in Oso.


'Nova' episode examines causes of Oso mudslide

HeraldNet: OSO — Eight months after a landslide tore into this unsuspecting community, researchers have a fairly good idea what caused the hill to fail in such a spectacular and deadly manner. The slope has been susceptible to landslides for centuries, and an ...


Palanivel asked to quit in wake of mudslide tragedy

Free Malaysia Today: The Sultan was expressing his outrage that over-development in the temperate zone in the Main Range resulted in the devastating mudslides recently which took the lives of five people. “We in MIC have long suspected that Palanivel has been suffering ...

Casualties in Afghanistan mudslide exaggerated: Officials

Press TV: The death toll from two huge mudslides that covered Ab Barik village in the Argo district of Badakhshan Province on May 2 reached around 100, not the 2,000 as estimated earlier, said Jamil Danesh, spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Rehabilitation and ...

Mudslide on Genting road

The Sun Daily: Meanwhile, in PETALING JAYA, Genting Malaysia Berhad (GENM) has assured that traffic flow on the Genting Highlands road is expected to return to normal by tomorrow following a mudslide this morning. GENM said the incident occurred along an unused ...

Deadly mudslides engulf homes in Switzerland and Italy

BBC News: Over the border, a pensioner and his granddaughter were killed when a mudslide engulfed their home. The heavy rain is expected to continue across the region, and both countries have issued major flood alerts. The levels of lakes Lugano and Maggiore, ...

Palanivel asked to quit in wake of mudslide tragedy

MIC director of strategy Vell Paari, the son of Palanivel’s predecessor S. Samy Vellu, said in a media update that Palanivel’s mental condition is suspect.

Afghan mudslide casualties exaggerated

Afghan officials say the high number of casualties declared for disastrous mudslides in the northeastern province of Badakhshan in May were ‘grossly exaggerated’.

VIDEO: Mudslide kills teenager and grandfather

A teenager and her grandfather have been killed by a mudslide in northern Italy.


NOVA PBS on landslides and Oso Air Force Staff Sgt. Patrick McGuire, of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, is knee deep in mud while trying to remove debris from where a house once stood in the hopes of finding missing persons following the Oso mudslide. (Washington National Guard photo by Spc.

Mudslide panel to update Legislature on findings

Oso Fire Chief Willy Harper, Pete Selvig of the Darrington emergency response team and Arlington Mayor Barbara Tolbert are slated to appear before the Senate panel, too.

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